American Sanders Pride ProgramAmerican Sanders Pride Program

Being the leading manufacturer of wood floor sanders for more than a century takes dedication, long hours, commitment, and most of all, pride in what we do. The American Sanders Pride program is a formal recognition of our commitment to design, performance, reliability and customer service. We take that responsibility seriously and are committed to continuously improving upon our innovative equipment design, performance, reliability and customer service.


The Pride Program Includes:

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If an American Sander does not perform to our customer’s satisfaction due to a defect in workmanship or parts, the customer can return the tool to their original place of purchase for the company to review. If we cannot correct the tool to our customer’s satisfaction we will replace it.

New Product Registration System

The warranty registration process with American Sanders is designed to allow the end user the opportunity to give immediate feedback on the quality of our product. Registering a new product is easy and automatically enters you to receive a free American Sanders T-Shirt.

Quality Management System

Comments, questions or concerns submitted with the product registration or emailed to go directly to the American Sanders Quality Management Team and are assigned to a team member for review and action. Within two business days a detailed response will be returned to communicate an action plan. By communicating feedback directly with this team, you will help us to achieve an even greater standard of quality.

Every email received and the response communications are reviewed by the American Sanders Product Manager. Emails and responses are also reviewed by the American Sanders executive team, including the company president, on a monthly basis.


Benefits For The Contractor:

Share your pride with FREE swag!

Register your new American Sanders machine and get a FREE AMERICAN SANDERS T-SHIRT. If you love your American Sanders big machine, edger, rotary, or orbital sanding machine go ahead and share your sentiment on social media. Post a photo of your machine on a job site with hashtag #americansandersproud and we’ll send you free swag.

Have confidence in your sanding machines.

We have a commitment to design, performance, reliability and customer service so that you can have confidence in your machines on the job site.

Be a part of improving your industry.

Your feedback is extremely important to us. Telling us about your experience, good or bad, means that we can better understand what is important to you on the job site. Your feedback helps us to learn what we are doing well and to see areas where we need to make improvements.

Your feedback can help us to:

  • Ensure that our machines are working as they were intended to
  • Improve and enhance the machines
  • Plan for future products
  • Learn and understand the long term and short term needs of wood floor craftsmen

Share your experiences, compliments, concerns, and complaints with us in the following ways:

  • Email to
  • Online at
  • Call Customer Service at 800.367.3550
  • Contact your Regional Sales Manager