Online Training, Tips, & Techniques

Disinfecting Wood Floors Thumbnail How To Disinfect Hardwood Floors

A safe and effective method to disinfect hardwood floors. This video highlights how simple and cost-effective this added value service can be. You can also download a free User Guide.


Wire brush Technique Thumbnail Wire Brush Technique

Daniel Boone presents a step-by-step demonstration on a wire brush technique that produces a character-rich floor. Includes video demonstration and a free User Guide download.


FloorCrafter Tech Tips Thumbnail FloorCrafter Maintenance

A thorough hands on demonstration of FloorCrafter maintenance that will definitely help you care for your machine and ensure many years of FloorCrafter flat service.


B-2 Tech Tips Thumbnail B-2+ Edger Maintenance

The B-2+, a workhorse edger that can perform as you expect for years and years. This maintenance and set up video shows you how to give your B-2+ edger the love it deserves.


Epoch HydraSand Tech Talk Epoch and HydraSand Tech Talk

The American Sanders Epoch Rotary Sander combined with the HydraSand multi-head sanding disc has proven to be one of the most beneficial tools in the professional floor sanding and refinishing contractor’s arsenal.


Electricity Tech Talk Thumbnail Electricity Tech Talk

How electrical systems affect the wood flooring contractor. This tutorial was recorded as a Facebook Live event.



Top Roller Assembly Maintenance on the Legend Belt SanderLegend Top Roller Assembly Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance on your American Sanders Legend belt sander if important for keeping the machine in optimal condition. This video will guide you on each step and show you how to check the assembly for signs of wear or something may be out of adjustment.