To purchase parts for the RS-16 (Gearbox Assembly):

  1. Reference the part needed from the parts diagram and refer to the parts list below.
  2. Copy the Part Number and paste it into the search window above to see availability and pricing.
  3. Confirm your parts selection and "Add To Cart".


ItemPart NumberQtyDescriptionItemPart NumberQtyDescription
NI503802(1)Grease -14 Ounce Tube1169195A1CouplingShaft
354408A3GearPlanet1280141A6Screw10-32 1
454856A1GearRing139026063Bearing, Ball- 6002
554858A1CoverGearbox149026541Bearing, Ball- 6204
656922A1RetainerBearing159027361Bearing, Ball- 6010
758312A3ShaftPlanet169027376Bearing, Needle
858313A1GearPinion1784808A6Screw10-24 3/4
958314A1RetainerShaft1853848A1Plate, Mounting
NOTE: Use 9 ounces of grease in Gearbox 53645A and 8 ounces of grease in Gearbox 53646A